O tema "O Barbeiro de Sevilha" tocado em bateria.


Quem conhecer o baterista, por favor identifique-o.





De kijack a 16 de Março de 2009 às 01:48
nome de man e Andrea Vadrucci, 26, italione.

"Born in 1983 near Lecce (Italy), Andrea began at a young age to "strike" objects that recall the drums: pots and cups became the first approach of an innate passion. Shortly after, Andrea was offered his first keyboard that he inevitably ended up playing like drums. That is until he received a real drum set at age 10. After a few months of practice, Andrea becomes part of his first (of many) band with older musicians with whom for a few years will have many live experiences; meanwhile, he began to take lessons from some local drummers. At age 15, Andrea neglected the instrument in order to devote to his other passion: the radio. For 6 years he matures through experiences as a Sound Engineer and DJ on several local radio stations, outstanding clubs, and squares of south Italy. "

pa mais infos:
youtube videos:


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